Monday, July 12, 2010

Bruce, Abbey and Layla

Love the backgrounds you have chosen for our blog...I have a feeling it will change as frequently as your wall color in your house. Remember when you brought your kids (a.k.a Abbey and Bruce, the cutest boxers in the world) over and they hung out on the front porch with my Layla girl? Well, I snapped some pretty good shots and I have been meaning to get them to you. Here they are... they make me so happy!

That front porch is my refuge, especially when the ipod is booming, the sun is going down, the candles are glowing, and we just talk talk talk about what is important in life...our men, our dogs, food, fashion, design and anything else that comes up...even $2 i-phone apps that you didn't mean to buy (Red Carpet) and you know you will never use again. That one app that makes people look really fat was hilarious and worth the buck! are the pictures :)

hey girl hey,

Bruce was obsessed with the camera...

Layla, on the other hand, was camera shy...

The girls, Abbey and Layla...


Ouch! She really isn't as mean as she looks here...

See? (This is Gochi, my grandmother's Chihuahua, and Layla loves him!)

Bruce is thinking... "Could someone please tell me what they are doing?" 

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